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15% Female UT Undergrads Report Rape

Austin (KFXV) – 15% of University of Texas female undergrads say they’ve been raped this according to a Statewide study that the UT system will soon release. Senator Joan Huffman, a republican out of Houston, broke the news of the forthcoming survey Thursday morning when she mention the 15% figure during debate on a bill she has written to penalize College staff and some students who fail to report incidents of sexual assault on campus. The bill along with a four other campus rape bills debated this week was filed after years of scandals at...

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Tips to Save $38,000 for an Average 4-Year College Degree

Saving money for a rainy day is something we’re all encouraged to do, but when it comes to saving for college, it’s easier said than done. College expenses can be a big financial burden on families but, there is a plan for that. The cost of higher education is one of the major financial challenges families face in the U.S. In some cases it is what keeps a person from fulfilling their professional aspirations. However, there is a way to prepare for college with the 529 plan. The average cost of attending a 4-year public college is $38,000, an...

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Cooper Posts Numbers Like No Other ‘bama Receiver

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Alabama receiver Amari Cooper blew past the defensive back on a deep post, and his offensive coordinator didn’t even wait until the ball was in the air to celebrate. Lane Kiffin raised his hands on the sideline to signal a touchdown. A little early – but he was right. “I guess he’s seen me do it,” Cooper said. Much of the country has by now. Cooper has become easily the biggest, most dangerous weapon in a program normally defined by tailbacks and defense, while leading the top-ranked Crimson Tide into a College Football Playoff matchup...

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