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Coca Cola Plans To Remove Chemical From Drinks

It’s National Drink Water Week and I’ve got one more reason why you may want to opt for water instead of sodas or sports drinks. The Coca Cola Company plans to remove an ingredient known as B-V-O from its some of its products by the end of this year. B-V-O is brominated vegetable oil and bromine a chemical used in the production of B-V-O is also used as a flame retardant. That was enough for one Mississippi teenager to create a petition on Change-dot-org in 2012 to stop B-V-O from being used in drinks. After more than 200,000 signatures, Pepsi Co agreed to remove the chemical from Gatorade. Now Coca-Cola is eliminating the chemical from its Fanta and Powerade drinks. In drinks B-V-O is used as an emulsifier in mostly citrus flavored drinks to keep the ingredients from separating. The company plans to switch to using ingredient glycerol ester of rosin—which is commonly found in chewing...

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