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Largest Meth Bust Recorded at Pharr International Bridge

Pharr (KFXV) — Officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Pharr International Bridge made their largest seizure of methamphetamine ever. On March 3, agents sent a commercial trailer to a secondary inspection where they discovered 53 bottles of cleaning solutions, containing 615 pounds of methamphetamine. The alleged narcotics are valued at over 12 million dollars. The driver, trailer and drugs were handed over to Homeland Security for further...

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Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe?

Provided by: networx.com Some manufacturers put misleading labels on their products. How to read between the lines. As concern for the environment and home safety increases, consumers are demanding non-toxic cleaning solutions more than ever before. Jumping on the environmental bandwagon, more cleaning product manufacturers declare that they use “green” ingredients and boast “safe for the environment” on their labels. Consumers trying to do the right thing may buy a product based on hype and false labeling – and not on the facts. While it may take some time to conduct research on which products really are green and which...

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Green Cleaning: Baking Soda vs. Ajax

Provided by: networx.com Baking soda won, hands down. Read on for green cleaning inspiration. If you are looking for a non-toxic abrasive cleanser, baking soda can’t be beat. In a comparison I did between baking soda and Ajax, results were similar in terms of cleaning power. However, according to the Colgate-Palmolive website, Ajax is an eye and skin irritant. The site also states that “over-exposure can cause respiratory irritation.” The site mentions that Ajax contains crystalline silica, a low-level carcinogen. The site also said that there is no expected harm from ingesting the cleanser – which is something I won’t be experimenting with. On...

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10 Totally Non-Toxic Deep Cleaning Recipes

Provided by: networx.com Effective cleaners for chemically-sensitive people You probably already know that you can clean with common kitchen pantry items like baking soda, vinegar and lemons. We found a few new ways to clean with these standard non-toxic cleaning agents. If you’ve got chemical sensitivities, these cleaning recipes are for you. Check out these 10 totally safe, non-toxic recipes and enjoy clean air and the chemical-free shine of your home: No-Fume Bleach Mix ½ cup baking soda, 1 tsp dish soap and ½ tsp. hydrogen peroxide. Apply to a wet surface with a cloth. Rinse the surface well after scrubbing. Chemical-Free Oven...

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Cleaning Your Walls the Green Way

Provided by: networx.com Ring in the new year with glowing walls Interior walls tend to get dingy over time, as you’ve probably already noticed. No matter what color they are, streaks and stains start to show, mysterious scuff marks emerge, and you start to feel like you’re living in Murkville USA instead of a gorgeous clean home. Numerous commercial products are available for scrubbing down walls and restoring their sparkling clean looks, but many of them are both expensive and not very environmentally friendly — not exactly the kind of thing you want to be applying to your walls, especially...

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