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Authorities Urge Precautions to Avoid Holiday Thefts

RGV (KFXV) — Authorities are asking the community to be extra cautious after Christmas day to prevent home theft. They recommend you do not pile up empty gift boxes from your new television, computer, or any high priced items on the street – instead break the boxes down or cut them up to conceal the product. Don’t forget to lock doors and window when you leave your house or apartment. If you will be returning or exchanging your gifts make sure to lock the packages in your vehicle’s trunk – don’t forget to close the windows and lock the...

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San Benito Native Recovering After Attacks in Berlin

Berlin/ San Benito (KFXV) — Fox News spoke to the family of a San Benito native who was injured in the Berlin attack. Richard Ramirez moved to Germany over a decade ago to live with his partner. The Ramirez family tells Fox News although Richard survived the attack the physical and emotional damages are far too extensive. Armando Ramirez says his brother remains hospitalized with severe injuries. The family says Richard was at the Christmas market with his partner the moment the semi-truck stuck multiple people, killing 12 of them including richard’s companion–something the San Benito native is battling...

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Officials Warn Shoppers of Holiday Scams

RGV (KFXV) — This Christmas season many people are trying ways to find presents ways to cut costs on presents. However, authorities recommend taking precaution when purchasing over internet sites on sites like Craigslist, Facebook or with streets vendors. On many occasions, the person who purchases the gift doesn’t know with whom they are making the exchange with. If you are a victim of theft or fraud, for your safety authorities recommend you not confront the individual and to immediately file a report as soon as possible to your local police...

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