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Immigration Officials See 23 Percent Spike of Detainees in 2016

After immigration numbers only continue to rise, United States immigration departments and U.S. officials are pushing for strong methods to stop undocumented immigrants from crossing the border. Who almost died attempting to cross the border are being used in a campaign called “Dont Risk Your Life.” The father and son are from Central America, one of the most common areas where federal authorities say a high number of undocumented immigrants come from. According to congressman Henry Cuellar these campaigns are crucial, adding how about 40,000 migrants from Haiti, Africa, Asia and the Middle East are expected to make the...

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Local Officials Expect Surge of Immigrants From Central America

RGV (KFXV) — Local officials are expecting a flood of more than 40,000 immigrants from Haiti, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia currently in Costa Rica to make their way to Mexican side of the border in Tamaulipas. Many of these immigrants are fleeing their countries of origin because of violence, economic instabilities, and to find a better life in America. We spoke to us Congressman Cuellar about the expected spike. According to a statement released by Congressman Cuellar’s office, the surge of immigrants is expected at the beginning of next...

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President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales Tours McAllen

The president of Guatemala visited the McAllen border for the first time today. In an exclusive interview he talked to our reporter, Yanet Pintor about his visit. The Guatemalan president, Jimmy Morales told me he was making several stops at key places for Guatemalan immigrants because he wanted to see the migrant experience firsthand. President Morales visited the Hidalgo International Bridge and the Customs and Border Patrol station in McAllen, he also visited the Catholic Charities Immigrant Shelter at Sacred Heart Church because he said he wants to learn more about the humanitarian aid his people receive and how...

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13,500 Central American Children Deported over Past Two Years

In just the last two years around 13500 minors from Central America have been deported back to their home countries notifications not showing up The first lady from Honduras sends a message to their citizens in the United States with open immigration cases for their children not to miss their day in court as this can cause them deportation. “(Translated) Life in Honduras is very hard. We came here so we can have a chance to keep going”  —  Jose Aguilar Jose Aguilar came from the country of Honduras 8 years ago and even though he said it was...

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Texas Governor Pays Visit To National Guard Amid Surge In Illegal Immigration

Texas governor Greg Abbott travels to Weslaco to meet with National Guard troops deployed along the border. The visit comes in the wake of the governor’s decision to extend the deployment and amid the increase in immigrant illegal crossings. Texas Governor Greg Abbott meeting National Guard troops at the Weslaco armory days before Christmas as a gesture of gratitude for their continued patrol along the Texas / Mexico border. The brief visit this afternoon was also an opportunity to discuss the mission with the commanding officers. A mission to combat the increase in undocumented immigrant minors and families arriving...

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