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Ex-Jailers Face Judge in Court

BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) — Two ex-jailers went before a judge today in Brownsville’s federal court. Both accused of taking bribes and supplying contraband to inmates when they worked at the Willacy County Correctional Center. Identified as Stephen Salinas and Harry Cordero who remain under the custody of US Marshals. Court records indicate the men are accused of supplying cell phones and alcohol in exchange for money. We will bring you more on this case as it becomes...

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Former Willacy County Officials Face Charges

Brownsville (KFXV) — Former officials of a federal prison located in Willacy County went before a judge. Stephen Salinas and Harry Cordero continue in custody of US Marshalls without bond and face charges of abuse of power permitting cell phones and alcohol to be distributed to prisoners in exchange for money in December 2015. Both are expected to go before a judge again on November...

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Man Sentenced to 35 years For Sexually Soliciting Two Girls Online

Cameron County (KFXV) — In Cameron County, a man is sentenced today to 35 years jail for sexually abusing two girls starting when they were 13 and 14. Jose Salvador Puga Quintanilla is found guilty of using cell phones and Facebook Messenger to stay in contact with both minors and having inappropriate relationships with them without their parent’s knowledge. With this –the latest case, Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz is asking and stressing to parents to keep a close eye on your children’s online...

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Man Robs McAllen Cellphone Store with Taser

McAllen police are investigating a robbery south of the city; the thieves took off with cash, store merchandise and a wallet. The robbery happened at approximately 4 o’clock this afternoon at a cellphone business located near Idela and 23rd Street in McAllen. Several investigators, scanning the crime scene for evidence. “It was two males that went in, they were wearing on their head and sunglasses.” The men were wearing blue and orange shirts. They’re both described as Hispanic men in their 20’s. One of them was armed with a taser. The suspects left with an undisclosed amount of money,...

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San Juan Officials Ban Cellphone Use while Driving

Officials in the city of San Juan will be enforcing a new ordinance. The use of cellphones while driving will be prohibited within the next 30 days, Mauricio Razo has the details. For the next 30 days authorities will be enforcing this law, before getting inside your car. Think twice before using your cellphone. Authorities will cracking down on drivers who use their electronic device. “We passed what we call a cellphone ordinance, and what that is, is outlawing anyone use of cell phone devices any use of electronic devices, here in the city of San Juan.” Just on...

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