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Former La Joya Police Chief gets $100,000 Bond

A federal judge handed down a $100,000 bond to Geovani Hernandez, the former Police Chief of La Joya today. Court documents indicate that Hernandez’s legal counsel waived a preliminary examination. Conditions to his bond state that he is restricted to Hidalgo County. He will also be required to wear a monitoring device and adhere to a curfew. Hernandez faces several charges. The criminal complaint states Hernandez met with an informant claiming he knew the cartel leader known as “El Toro” and attempted to solicit illegal business dealings to raise money for his election campaign as...

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Police Warn of Drug Traffickers Taking Advantage of Teens

RIO GRANDE CITY (KFXV) — A drug transaction has an 18 year old facing over a year in federal prison. 18 year old, Dario Martinez states in these court documents that he was approached by two strangers offering him a large amount of money. Dario Martinez told investigators it all happened while walking along Embassy Road by Rio Grande City High School. It was then two men approached him offering him $1600 to transport and deliver marijuana. Palmview police captain, Saul Uvalle tells Fox News this situation is not uncommon. He explains why cartel members target our youth but,...

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El Chapo Extradited to New York

New York (KFXV) — Mexican drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been extradited to the U.S. Where he is expected to face a number of indictments. The U.S Department of Justice confirms the extradition of notorious Drug Kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, in connection to his leadership of the Sinaloa cartel. A year after being recaptured by Mexican authorities– Joaquin Archilvaldo Guzman-Loera was taken into custody this afternoon by the dea in the border town of Ciudad Juarez. This act means a big win to the U.S.– after fighting for his extradition for years. Guzman-Loera’s prosecuting is expected...

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DEA Discusses Cartels’ Grip on Valley Drug Trade

RGV (KFXV) — Border conflicts continue throughout the area as cartels try to fight for territory. Fox speaks to the DEA on which criminal organizations operate in the Rio Grande Valley and what they’re doing to combat them. South Texas has become a ‘hot zone’, as DEA tells me, when it comes drug-trafficking. In the Rio Grande Valley, the primary operating organization is the gulf cartel. However agents also see the presence of Sinaloa, Jalisco and Zetas. Marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth and heroine– are the most common drugs trafficked into the U.S. through this region. Once the narcotics make...

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Mexican Cartel, Vigilante Violence Continues

Despite a heavy presence of federal police and troops – cartel violence remains a problem in the Michoacán state. In response – a vigilante group – known as Hipolito Mora – has taken up arms against the Knights Templar Drug Cartel. Spokesman for Mexico’s department of public safety– Monte Alejandro Rubi– says the situation has improved since federal troops arrived last week, but vigilante groups have ignored a government order to stand down and disarm… Instead, they’re operating openly, manning roadblocks and patrolling streets and cities. The Templars have had a stronghold on the agricultural Michoacán region for some...

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