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NFL owners mull cut of regular-season overtime to 10 minutes

BY BARRY WILNER NEW YORK (AP) — NFL owners will consider proposals next week to cut regular-season overtime from 15 minutes to 10; eliminate players leaping over the line of scrimmage on kick plays; and expansion of coaches’ challenges and what can be reviewed by officials. In what promises to be a busy annual meeting next week in Phoenix that will include discussing the Raiders’ potential relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas, the 32 owners also will vote on changing the mechanics on replay reviews and other items intended to reduce downtime during games. The Eagles proposed four rules...

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Coaches, QBs lapped by Brady/Belichick marvel at success

HOUSTON (AP) — Marv Levy, the only coach in NFL history to take a team to four consecutive Super Bowls, looks at what Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have done together with the New England Patriots and marvels. “Really, it is remarkable that they keep going back, and they maintain the focus and dedication necessary to do it,” the former Buffalo Bills coach said. “It just becomes, quote, old hat. It’s just almost unfathomable what they’ve accomplished. So they sure do deserve great credit, and it shows you that the draft isn’t perfect. Sixth-rounder at quarterback. Many will rate...

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NFL HALFWAY: All seem to agree NFL officiating is appalling

In a divided nation, NFL officials are a unifying factor, because everyone seems to disagree with them. Quarterbacks say they take too many dirty hits. Receivers complain they are targeted. Defensive backs say they can’t touch anyone without getting a flag. And coaches say their teams never catch a break. Fans want games to move along without endless reviews and flags. The league’s head of officiating even found himself tweeting during Monday night’s Bills-Seahawks game when the crew bungled a series of calls at the end of the first half on a field goal try that would prove crucial...

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‘What If’ moments that defined Super Bowl legacies

    (AP)Imagine a world where the name Scott Norwood evokes awe in Buffalo, not “aww, dude.” A world where David Tyree is just another former NFL player with a two-sentence Wikipedia entry, not the guy who seemingly magnetized a ball to his helmet and helped spoil New England’s shot at perfection. A world where Marshawn Lynch gets to go full “Beast Mode” after getting the ball 3 feet away from giving the Seattle Seahawks back-to-back Super Bowl titles instead of serving as the world’s most overqualified decoy on one of the more infamous calls in NFL history. For...

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