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Border Patrol Educates Real Estate Agents About Stash Houses

The RGV sector’s combined enforcement unit of the U.S. border patrol recently spoke to real estate agents to educate them about stash houses. As part of the “taking care of business” initiative, border patrol spoke with 50 realtors about different methods and tactics used by criminal organizations to make stash houses out of properties. So far in 2014, federal agents have busted 49 stash houses leading to the apprehension of nearly 12 hundred immigrants and over 90 human smugglers. “Some of the things we contently remind the public about is to look out for suspicious activity. Whether it be...

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23 Central-Americans Detained By Border Patrol

PALMVIEW – A group of immigrants was intercepted this morning by U.S. border patrol agents stationed in Palmview. The apprehension of 23 individuals took place around 10am near Abram road and business 83. The group, which included 2 women and 3 minors, is believed to be in the country illegally. According to a U.S. border patrol spokesperson the detainees are from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and...

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Alleged Driver Arrested in Human Smuggling Rollover Accident in Edinburg

Edinburg — Authorities say the driver behind a Rollover Accident involving over a dozen individuals is now under arrest. 28-year-old Jesus Enrique Luna was arrested this weekend. Hidalgo County Sheriff’s say he confessed to transporting undocumented immigrants and was issued a $10,000 bond. On Thursday, a human smuggling pursuit happened along Monte Cristo Road and Monmack in the Edinburg area. The victims were undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America. No one was seriously injured, and they currently are in Border Patrol custody. A second driver is at large. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at...

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