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Bones discovered in Elsa Septic Tank

Elsa (KFXV) — This is the reaction San Juanita Dena had to know that bones were found in a septic tank in her neighborhood this morning. At 9:15 pm last night, police received a call from a women in Elsa stating she found bones in a septic tank in the backyard of her trailer home. Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department and Hidalgo County Precinct 1 were at the scene investigating throughout the day for various hours, crews brought in a backhoe to dig up the bones that were on Dallas Street west of Mile...

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McAllen City Employee Finds Bones, Sparking Investigation

We begin tonight in south McAllen as police investigate bones found underneath an overpass. Authorities say a city worker mowing grass discovered the bones just about an hour ago, near 23 Street and Military Road. These are exclusive images of investigators combing the area, picking up some of the remains found. At this point it is unclear if the bones recovered are human remains. An investigation is...

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