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Experts call for re-examination of Teen Behaviour after Santa Barbara Shooting

Experts are calling on parents and the community as a whole to be aware of the behavior displayed by our teens… Because early intervention is key in preventing a massacre like the one in california… You’ve heard it happen before… Assaults, shootings, and massacres in many corners of the country including ours… The author of friday’s shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, California, where 6 people were killed and 13 others were wounded, is one of the latest and clearest examples… An atrocity that has once again sparked debates in the community, which desperately seeks to prevent it from recurring. “There tends to be insecurity in loners that have had some kind of offense being made to them… They’ve lost faith in some way. They face rejection or by feeling ashamed in the classroom and so on and they go on as an avenger.” After carrying out his plan, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger took his life while in his BMW. In several videos posted over the course of the year he describes how rejection by women led him to the retribution. Doctor Igoa says he admits an average of one patient a day to a psychiatric hospital with similar behaviors… Reason he believes guns are not to blame… “I think unfortunately we’re just restricting using blinders to talk about guns, which are important but there is much more than that, there’s...

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Suspect in BMW Caught Carrying Narcotics

A man driving a BMW is accused of transporting close to $250,000 worth of narcotics inside his luxury vehicle. Shortly after midnight, a Mission police officer spotted the BMW traveling northbound on Los Ebanos Road, just north of FM-495 at a high rate of speed. That’s when the officer tried to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver pulled into a neighborhood, opened his hood and pretended something was wrong with his vehicle. The officer pulled up next to him and proceeded to search inside, to his surprise, the back seat of the car was gone, and instead there were several bundles of marijuana. The driver was identified as 22-year-old Javier Bocanegra, Jr. who was arraigned today on one count for possession of marijuana, a second degree felony punishable with up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine upon conviction. Bocanegra’s bond was set at...

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