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How to Flush Your Toilet and Waste Less Water

Americans are a contradictory bunch. We care a great deal about recycling and saving energy. (Yay!) Yet at the same time, many of us remain blissfully unaware of another essential resource that is being wasted on a regular basis. That is clean water. The average American literally flushes 24 gallons of potable water down the toilet every single day. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. There are plenty of ways to reduce how much water your toilet uses and none of them is very expensive, painful, or difficult. Let’s take a closer look. If It’s Yellow …...

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The Secret of Cleaner Laundry? Use Less Detergent

Strange but true: If you would like your laundry to come out cleaner and fresher, the secret just might be to cut down on the detergent. Using too much or the wrong kind of laundry soap may leave your clothes dingy and dull. What’s more, adding in an eco-friendly household substance can boost your regular detergent’s cleaning power without negatively affecting the environment. Here’s how to fine-tune your washday skills. Use the Right Amount of Detergent More is not necessarily better; use only the amount of detergent specified by the manufacturer. Measure it carefully with the cap or scoop...

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10 Non-Toxic, DIY Bathroom Deodorizers

Provided by: networx.com Natural, non-toxic, cheap alternatives to room spray. Deodorizers can be expensive and even dangerous. They also may contain harmful toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health found 884 toxic substances in a survey of about 3,000 chemicals used in artificial fragrances. The institute reports that the chemicals are linked to cancer, birth defects, and neurological and reproductive disorders. Fragrances also can trigger asthma and allergic reactions. It’s cheaper and safer to make your own with basic household items. Here are 10 ways to have a great-smelling bathroom: 1.     Put small amounts of sweet-smelling essential...

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Ecological DIY Scrubbing Cleansers

Provided by: networx.com You can get excellent results without putting toxic chemicals down the drain. When faced with dirty bathroom tile or a stove top caked in cooked on grease, it is so tempting to reach for the bottle of Prefab Toxic Scrub That Will Not Be Named or to chicken out and call a cleaning lady. For less money, and without the toxic fumes, you can make your own DIY ecological scrubbing cleansers. I have tried them myself and I can attest to the fact that they work. You’ll feel great knowing that you are flushing fewer harsh chemicals into...

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Cleaning With Salt

Provided by: networx.com What can salt can clean? As it turn out . . . a lot! As an enthusiastic green-cleaning connoisseur, I’ve tried almost every DIY solution on the Internet. Vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, and castile soap are my mainstays, but black tea, lemon juice, and peppermint oil are tucked into my arsenal as well. My cleanser of choice is vinegar – I use it to clean almost every surface in my home, from carpets to counters, and oh but I love it’s cheap and powerful non-toxic goodness. And, I recently learned that I could pump up the...

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