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Texas House Passes Controversial ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Bill

TEXAS (KFXV) — Today, Texas lawmakers passed a bill — known as SB4 — that would make sanctuary cities and counties illegal. The State House spent 16 hours debating and amending the bill passed earlier by the senate. The version they passed allows police to ask any detained person their immigration status — even at traffic stops. It also forces college officials to comply with ICE requests to hold students. Critics argue that immigrants fearful of police make communities less safe, but supporters say law-abiding immigrants have nothing to...

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Sanctuary City Senate bill 4 to be debated in Austin

This Wednesday Senate bill 4 will be debated at the state capitol and could affect thousands of immigrants Statewide. The Texas Capital is already filled with representatives of people from all over the country to find out what this issue will be regarding Sanctuary cities in Texas.  Members from the Caravan of Fear arriving today in Austin Texas to speak out in favor of immigrants and keeping families together. “If approved here in Texas it gives other states the option to do whatever they want” – Marilyn Rubio There is less than 24 hours before a decision is made...

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Los Fresnos Late Night Collision Leaves One Dead

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating a fatal Collision that took place late last night in the city of Los Fresnos. According to the department, deputies responded to the Collision around 11pm last night on Highway 100. The driver of the Jeep heading west veered into oncoming traffic and struck a Cadillac the driver of the Cadillac identified as 53 year old Laura Lee Taylor from Austin died at the scene. The driver of the Jeep received treatment at Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville for non-life-threatening injuries. The case is still under...

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Valley Man Arrested for Trafficking $1 Million in Meth

EDINBURG (KFXV) — A man finds himself behinds bars in Austin for allegedly transporting more than a million dollars in narcotics. On Friday, Williamson County law enforcement arrested 21-year-old, Francisco Luna during a traffic stop. According to officials, a K-9 alerted agents to possible drugs inside the vehicle. Inside, police discovered 20 paper rolls, with more than 1.2 million dollars worth of methamphetamine hidden inside. Luna now faces charges for distribution of narcotics and a bond of 800 thousand...

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Undocumented Families Lobby Against Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

AUSTIN (KFXV) — Today, children of immigrants stood before the state capitol to urge lawmakers to stop the proposed law SB4 that would put an end to sanctuary cities in the state. This afternoon, undocumented students had the opportunity to give testimony before the legislature. Also present were undocumented transgender people, religious leaders, and families of those affected. If passed, authorities could ask for documentation to prove immigration status of those in the...

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