7 Home Maintenance Troublespots to Take Care of Today

    Okay, okay, I admit it. I didn’t follow my own advice. The signs of potential trouble were there, yet I chose not to take them seriously. For quite a while, I’d been finding it more and more difficult to turn my key in the front door lock. I tried wiping the key down with a little olive oil and cleaned out the lock faceplate … which was full of dog hair. But I avoided taking the plunge and calling an actual handyman (or woman). Until I ended up locked into my apartment. Pretty scary for a minute there....

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Painting Your Home? 5 Ways to Save Money and Hassle

Painting your house’s interior is one of the most popular redecorating tasks. And it’s no wonder! Compared to other, more complicated renovations, a fresh coat of color will spruce up your home quickly, simply, and inexpensively. If you’re thinking of going the DIY route rather than hiring a professional painting contractor, here are a few tips to make the project easier on both your wallet and your head.     Spend less on paint. Buy the expensive stuff. No, that’s not a contradiction; good-quality paint lasts longer and works out cheaper over time … not to mention the fact...

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10 Tips to Prevent and Treat Insect Stings

When I was a child, we spent long, lazy summers in the country with my cousins. The kids all enjoyed running wild and exploring nature. One day nature came a little too close for comfort, though, when we spotted a papery, cylindrical structure hanging from a porch beam. My mother explained it was a wasp nest and that we should be very, very careful not to disturb it in any way. I took great care to tiptoe around it, though it seemed like weeks before my parents got rid of the nest. (It was probably just a day or...

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Shed, Barn or Gazebo Repair: Shabby to Shipshape

April is the month to spring into action and get your property in shape for the long-awaited warm weather (yay!). Summer means lots of different things to different people, but whether you are preparing for a season of leisurely outdoor entertaining, gardening, or revving up your home’s curb appeal in order to sell, you’ll want to make sure your yard and outbuildings are in good shape. After a long hard winter, sheds, gazebos, and barns often need repair. Why Repair, Rather than Replace, an Old Outbuilding? Sometimes repairing a structure may seem like too much of a hassle. It...

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How Often Should You Paint the Outside of Your House?

Nothing gives the outside of your home a fast and impressive facelift like a fresh coat of paint — although it’s been said many times before, this axiom is worth repeating. Whether you are planning to sell and want to add a touch of quick curb appeal or you just enjoy living in a well-kept home, spring is the ideal time to upgrade by painting your house’s exterior. How often will this task need to be done? It depends on a number of factors, primarily your home’s exterior finish, your location, and the quality of your last paint job. How...

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