Donna ISD Partners with VAC to Fight STDs

DONNA (KFXX) — Local statistics of HIV infections prompt experts and school personnel to unite in providing education and support for teens more than ever before. Oscar Lopez, Director of Education at the Valley AIDS Council, said, “Right now, we get four new HIV infections in the Valley every week, and every nine days, that infected person is a teenager.” The Donna Independent School District is the first in the Valley to enter into an agreement with the Valley AIDS Council (VAC) to offer awareness presentations in an effort to prevent students from acquiring HIV, AIDS, or other sexually...

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Valley AIDS Council Reports 89% Increase in HIV Cases

The Valley Aids Council, an organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of HIV, reports alarming numbers in our community. Representatives say they have seen an 89% increase in new HIV cases as compared to the last five years. The Valley Aids Council says they are identifying a new HIV positive person every 9 days, and these are youth between 13 and 24 years old. Adrian Castellano was diagnosed with aids when he was only 20 years old. Like many young people, Castellano says he lacked proper sexual education and waited too long to get tested. “I just felt...

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HIV Cases Increasing in Rio Grande Valley Despite National Decline

HIV cases in the valley continue to climb especially among young adults and the elderly population. The latest numbers are concerning for the only HIV AIDS support organization in the valley. Lucy Trainor is celebrating her 47th birthday. 19 years ago she was infected with HIV and she’s still kicking.  Her tattoos are a reminder of the day she was diagnosed with the virus. Devastating news that had her thinking of death. “If I make it through the first 24 hours without killing myself then I’ll do everything possible to make myself better” — Lucy Trainor She says she...

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HIV Diagnosis Rate Fell by Third in US Over Decade

NEW YORK (AP) — The rate of HIV infections diagnosed in the United States each year fell by one-third over the past decade, a government study finds. Experts celebrated it as hopeful news that the AIDS epidemic may be slowing in the U.S. “It’s encouraging,” said Patrick Sullivan, an Emory University AIDS researcher who was not involved in the study. The reasons for the drop aren’t clear. It might mean fewer new infections are occurring. Or that most infected people already have been diagnosed so more testing won’t necessarily find many more cases. “It could be we are approaching something...

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Cuomo: Boost HIV Tests, Treatment to end Epidemic

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York state can end its three-decade HIV crisis by the year 2020, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday as he announced an ambitious plan to deliver a knockout blow to the epidemic by boosting testing, reducing new infections and expanding treatment. The governor said the state is aiming to reduce new HIV diagnoses to 750 by the end of the decade — about the same number of tuberculosis cases seen in New York City each year — down from 3,000 expected this year and 14,000 new cases of the disease in 1993. If the state is...

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