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Latest Details In Dallas Shooting

DALLAS (KFXV) — We begin tonight with the terrifying scene and images that have been circulating the web and the world. After chaos erupted during a peaceful protest overnight in Dallas. Bullets suddenly rained down from the sky while protesters marched against the shooting deaths of two African-American men in two other states.Police say a sniper targeted officers from above. In all, 12 officers were shot, along with two civilians. Five officers were killed. Late this afternoon officials in Dallas confirming the suspect that died after an hours-long standoff at a parking garage downtown identified as 25-year-old Micah Johnson.An...

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Mercedes Man among One of 6 U.S. Soldiers Killed Monday in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

A suicide bomber in Afghanistan kills 6 U.S. troopers Monday, one of whom was an Air Force serviceman from Mercedes. The news has sent shockwaves throughout the valley, especially for family, friends and fellow veterans. 28-year-old Michael Anthony Cinco died Monday, in a targeted attack by a Taliban suicide bomber, near Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan. The Taliban ramming a motorcycle packed with explosives into half a dozen American soldiers who were on foot patrol. Cinco, a senior airman, graduated from Mercedes High School. Back home an outpour of support on social media, and among fellow servicemen and women. “It’s...

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Two-Time Purple Heart Recipient Honored with New Home

An American hero was honored today with a very special gift, thanks to a non-profit organization dedicated to serving wounded, ill and injured veterans. Sergeant Jacob de la Garza and his family were chosen by operation finally home, a nonpartisan organization created in 2005 with the mission to thank our American heroes. Sergeant Garza fought for our freedom through multiple tours. Unfortunately, he lost his left leg on his fourth-tour in Afghanistan, when he was hit by an explosive device. Although having suffered a life-changing wound, today he received a gift that is changing the way his family lives,...

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Gates Foundation Focuses on Ending Malaria

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Philanthropist Bill Gates says he wants to end malaria in his lifetime and will give more money toward that goal, part of his broader fight against tropical diseases that are getting unusual public attention because of the Ebola epidemic. In an interview with The Associated Press and in a speech Sunday at a global health conference in New Orleans, the Microsoft co-founder said his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would increase its malaria program budget by 30 percent, to more than $200 million per year. That’s on top of the foundation’s other donations to the...

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Sheriff Candidate: Giovanni Hernandez

We continue our coverage of Hidalgo County Sheriff candidates for this election season, and this time around, we take a closer look at a candidate running for the second time, in what he considers is a continuing battle to curb corruption and to clinch the spot for the top cop. He has experience as a police officer here and abroad. And is the only candidate with master’s degree… 40-year-old Giovanni Hernandez says he has what it takes to take hold of one of the largest police departments in the state. At 21 years of age, Hernandez joins the sheriff department as a detention officer, before given the opportunity to become a cop for the city of Alamo…in 1997 he transfers to Pharr where he developed his skills during his 6-year tenure…in 2003 he was recruited by the state department to join U.N. Forces in various missions spanning 7 years including Kosovo, Afghanistan and Haiti, serving in multiple capacities… However his last mission was his political bid for sheriff in 2012, and although he was not the party’s nominee, he now feels his mission was accomplished. If elected, Hernandez plans to implement changes within the first 72 hours in office, restructure the command staff, and reevaluate each employee in the department and overall lift morale. Hernandez is listed on the ballot as a ‘write-in candidate’ which means that if you...

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