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AEP Outage Updates

This afternoon, AEP finalized transporting the substation to the Del Mar Station. As of today, all AEP customers have electricity. AEP is still advising the community to conserve energy by setting the thermostat to 68 degrees or cooler and unplugging energy consuming devices. On Monday, a power outage caused about 5,300 customers to lose power. On Tuesday, about 1,200 customers remained without...

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Scammers Targeting AEP Customers, becoming more Sophisticated

AEP Texas is warning residents about a new phone scam, targeting their customers. I spoke with an official from AEP Texas, who tells us phone scams may be an old tactic, but scammers are becoming more sophisticated. AEP Texas says scammers are targeting you. Dialing your number, saying they represent the company, and asking you to pay up or get disconnected. According to AEP officials, it’s a scam…and they say it’s happening often here in the valley. “AEP Texas would not be the company contacting a customer to tell them that they are behind on the bill.” Jones says...

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11,000 Valley Residents affected by Power Outage

More than 10,000 valley residents were left without power today. We received several phone calls about the outages and went straight to the source to get answers. AEP community affairs manager, Lee Jones tells us about 11,000 AEP customers were without power today. A downed power line in Edinburg and technical problems in McAllen are to blame. “Our transmission line, which links the south McAllen and west McAllen substations, an insulator failed, which is what tripped the west McAllen substation off, affecting the most customers.” It’s usually all business at the Law Office of Randy Cleveland, but not today....

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AEP Warning Customers about Electricity Payment Scam

A new scam alert to watch out for: AEP says scam artists are posing as company personnel–trying to gain access to your bank account. Here’s how it works… these scammers are calling AEP customers, stating they are behind on their electric bill. They then threaten to cut off electricity unless the bill is paid. The company first heard about the scam earlier this month. AEP says if you get a similar type of call, do not pay. Hang up, and call the company’s number, which appears on your monthly bill....

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Cameron and Hidalgo Counties Experiencing Power Outages

Several thousand people remain without power tonight after an outage that began around 5:40 this evening. AEP is reporting power outages in Cameron and Hidalgo Counties. Approximately 15,000 of AEP’s customers were affected. The latest information from AEP claims that number is now down to about 6,000. To report an outage in your area, or check outage statuses, contact AEP at 1(877)373-4858.   online:...

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