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Fourth of July Weekend Death Statistics

Texas (KFXV) — Almost 3 million people projected to hit Texas Highways. By the end of this fourth of July weekend, authorities will be out in full force. According to AAA and The Texas Department of Transportation, in 2015 more than 886 Texans died due to alcohol-related accidents, 19 of those deaths occurring during the Fourth of July weekend. But death isn’t the only consequence, others involved have to deal with devastating injuries that could have been prevented. Authorities are warning folks that if you’re going to drink make sure you have a designated driver or take a taxi...

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High Temperatures to Blame for Increase in Tire Blowouts

High summer temperatures affect more than your health, they can also take a toll on your tires. AAA says tire related issues in July shot from seventeen percent to nearly twenty-one percent. As the temperature increases, so does tire pressure–which can cause blowouts. If you have a blowout, the best thing to do is to stay calm, take your foot off the gas and try not to maneuver the...

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