We spoke to one of the residents, who says he feels underrepresented, after going to vote and not being asked whether he wanted to vote democratic or republican.The Starr County resident, went to cast his vote on Monday, but there was one problem.’James’ says it took him a while to notice he was actually voting for the democratic party.He says he was unsure about asking for help and turned in his ballot and left. We went to the Starr County elections office.They tell us, they regularly visit polling locations and train election clerks to ask what residents, which party they want to vote for. Rios adds, that in this case, the vote has been cast, despite the mistake from the election clerks and says the old courthouse is the only location to vote ‘Republican’ in the county. Officials also tell us, if residents aren’t given an option to choose a party or notice they’re voting in the wrong one, they can bring it to their attention at the moment. Residents call also file complaints with the secretary of state’s election division. You can call 1-800-252-8683 (vote).