Special Report: Eyes Wide Open: Part One

Special Report: Eyes Wide Open: Part One

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Border security is an ongoing battle; however law enforcement agencies have a major advantage that criminal organizations cannot match. Here’s part one of “Eyes Wide Open” a Fox 2 Special Report.

It’s business as usual for these agents… With over 9,000 flight hours in 2014, already twice as much in the last two years, the need for air patrol is on the rise.

The Office of Air and Marine, a division of Customs and Border Protection, is the air power guarding and patrolling the southern border: from helicopters to aerostatic balloons to unmanned aerial drones.

Within minutes after take-off, radio communication calls for air support at three different scenes, where border patrol agents stop undocumented immigrants from entering illegally into the United States.

At 47, Agent Smith is one of the veteran pilots for the OAM, dedicating half of his life to military and law enforcement. These agents patrolling from above understand the risks they face every day. Reason why it is essential always keeps their eyes wide open.

The South Texas border is considered by the federal government as the most active in the country for the past few years. This poses a greater challenge for agents in the first line of defense, the Marine Patrol. Agents that face a variety of risk situations in part two of our Fox 2 special report.

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