South Texas All Hazards Conference Underway

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Agencies from across the Rio Grande Valley gather today for the two-day South Texas All Hazards conference.

What started as a hurricane conference and training for emergencies Beyond natural disasters.

Thousands of people are expected to gather in McAllen convention center for the 5th annual South Texas all-hazards conference. This two-day event give the Emergency Services personnel and opportunity to learn Vital Information that will help them become more prepared to respond to all kinds of emergencies.

The conference addresses the evolution of emergency preparedness and with constant change as a technology it to men’s agencies continue to train and educate.

While health officials and law enforcement strive to protect as experts say the community play a key role in ensuring your safety.

Events continues tomorrow which includes an immunization conference and how to respond to a public health emergency.

South Texas All Hazards Conference Underway

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