A local media outlet in the Rio Grande Valley posted an article saying Juan David Ortiz, the labeled serial killer, was out on bond. Authorities in Laredo are now clarifying the situation.

This is the post that created panic among Laredoans. Local officials quickly reacted to the situation.

“That was a false rumor. A false information, this information we verified with Webb County jail that Mr. Ortiz is in custody. We want to assure all the community members in Laredo and South Texas that he is in custody with a 2.5 million dollar bond.”

The district attorney says that after the post circulated throughout social media, community members called Laredo Police, the Sheriff’s DepartmentĀ andĀ the District Attorney’s Office.

Alaniz says he’s looking into increasing his 2.5 million dollar bond, adding that Ortiz is considered a threat to the public.

“We definitely want him to be held in custody while this case is pending. The decision to go with capital murder is something that is delicate, it’s complicated. We are going down the road to look at all the evidence to see if the case will increase to capital murder or stay at murder.”

Ortiz is accused of killing four people this September. Authorities say he was prepared for a confrontation with police and had numerous weapons inside his residence.

The District Attorney’s Office says the investigation continues to determine why the crimes were committed.