The aggravated robbery happened at an apartment complex located north of Alton.

On Tuesday, October 29 around 3 am police responded to a report of an aggravated robbery at the 400 block of North Rockport street in reference to five armed males wearing ski masks. They had forced themselves into the apartment.

“Upon arrival, our officers made contact with the victim who reported five male individuals entered their residence demanding money they did identify themselves as Alton police officers they were armed and able to take some of the personal belongings of the victim”

Chief of police Jonathan Flores says the victims were assaulted but didn’t receive major injuries. ..The suspects took over 500 dollars worth of items .

“Through the course of our investigation, our investigators were able to find some of the property inside of the city of mission this is an ongoing investigation we are currently working on some leads in the case”

We spoke to several residents in the area who gave us their thoughts on the incident.

“This situation did frighten us because we have seen things but not to this extent of someone breaking down a door and assaulting the people and it looks like the people that lived their already moved out, since we saw them taking things yesterday”

“The kids are always playing outside we have people playing music pretty often everyone seems pretty relaxed and calm in this area for something so crazy I mean five armed robbers wow”

The chief wants to inform the community that they should call authorities immediately if anyone tries forcing into their home pretending to be law enforcement officials.

The property’s landlord told us off camera the victims moved out of their apartment after the robbery.. Anyone with information regarding the suspect’s identity can contact Alton Crimestoppers at (956)585-8477.