The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an aggravated kidnapping operation. Authorities have arrested seven out of the 11 individuals allegedly involved.

Enrique Aguirre Jr. also known as “Junior,” Oved Alejandro Ponce, Victor Luna also known as “Hector Bernal” and Marco Antonio Elizondo are all on the run.

“We have secured warrants for them for aggravated kidnapping and engaging in organized criminal activity. These suspects remain at large, they are considered to be armed and dangerous.”

According to officials, on May 6 they received a call about a possible kidnapping incident.

“Our officers arrived at the scene and they met with the reporting parties who reported that Rolando Cruz Jr. and José Alfredo Eliseo Jr. were forcefully taken at gunpoint.”

The Sheriff adds deputies later learned that Luis Angel Jimenez also known as “Ferrari” called the victims to the home to meet after a large shipment of narcotics were stolen.

Investigators then identified Enrique Aguirre also known as “Junior,” as being the leader. He was the one who ordered them to kidnap the victims to recover the drugs.

“The victims, in this case, were also involved in picking up the narcotics so they are also involved in criminal activity.”

The Sheriff adds that through the course of the investigation, they were able to find two locations where the kidnapping took place. After officials conducted a series of raids, they were able to recover weapons, body armor, a ballistic vest carrier, ballistic helmets, a rifle, magazines, ammunition and a ballistic mask.

Authorities have now arrested seven people in connection to a transnational criminal organization. Three out of the seven involved in this operation are only 16 years old. They are all being charged with aggravated kidnapping and engaging in organized criminal activity.

According to officials, this incident remains under investigation. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the wanted individuals or this case, contact the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office at (956) 383-8114.