Another suspect accused of stealing an AR-15 and selling it in Mexico went before a judge at the Alamo Municipal Court.

Thursday at around 2 pm, 46-year-old Ricardo Vera was arraigned by judge Celia Garcia. Vera was charged with theft of a firearm and received a 15 thousand dollar bond.

Alamo Chief of Police Baudelio Castillo tells Fox News Vera is allegedly an accomplice to former Alamo police officer Jesus Ramirez who was arrested a month ago. Ramirez is accused of stealing an AR-15 from his department and selling it to Vera.

“This gentleman that we arrested Ricardo Vera was the middleman. He actually purchased the weapon from our ex-officer and he actually sold it into Mexico.”

Authorities plan to locate the weapon with help of different agencies. Officer Juan Mesa says they are also working with Mexican officials.

“The investigation leads us that it may have already been crossed over in Mexico and we are working with different authorities we have a former person who worked with Mexican authorities and we are trying to see if we can recover that weapon.”

The investigation in this case continues. Officials say two more arrests are pending to track down the stolen AR-15 that was taken back in 2014.