A teacher in Cameron County is suspended from work after receiving charges of assault by physical contact on a student.
According to the mother of the 15-year-old victim, her daughter confessed to having been touched inappropriately.
Sheriff Omar Lucio said in a press conference that the incident was reported on January 23rd after an investigation was made by Cameron County authorities. In this case, 53-year-old Santiago Mendoza was arrested.
“We are just letting people know that these things do occur and sometimes they fail to go ahead an report it because they think that nobody is going to be able to take any action on it.”
Lucio emphasized that the mother took the appropriate actions on reporting the incident.
Mendoza received a 500 dollar bond and it is possible that he’s already out.
“The judge can set any bond he wants to and whatever reason.”
However, the case will be presented to the District Attorney for a further investigation.
“I think the parents did the right thing. I think the mother did the right thing by going and I think the young girl did the right thing too because he just didn”t say anything about it, and it could have followed up into a deaper situation.”
The Santa Maria school district did not want to speak on camera. They only released this statement.
“The district takes all allegations regarding the safety of our children seriously and will take all necessary steps to ensure all students are safe while attending our schools.”
Authorities say that if there are more similar cases, it is important to report to your local police department.