SAN JUAN (KFXV) — In San Juan, one of the cities that will be holding general elections this weekend.
The fire and police departments from this city have united by creating a proposition that they’re hoping will make the agencies stronger and are looking for your approval when you cast your ballot.
FOX spoke to several officers, who claim the San Juan Police Department is currently understaffed and say this could be in part because “collective bargaining” is not in place.
Police officers and firefighters with the city of San Juan hoping this will soon change through the approval of the ‘collective bargaining’ proposition. Something that has not been on the ballot before.
Officials from San Juan police say – often times rookie officers leave to other agencies after their first year of experience.
The proposition would allow the negotiation of wages and other conditions of employment.
Officers like Juan Galindo and Rolando Garcia, hope that with the collective bargaining positions will be filled and they will be able to attend to calls urgently.
The officers want the community to know that taxes will not be raised for residents if the proposition goes through.
Tomorrow polls will be open throughout the Valley from 7 am to 7 pm.