In February, the home of former Judge Rudy Delgado was raided and he was later charged with bribery. Today, he held a press conference where he announced his resignation and retirement.
“I announce my resignation and retirement as judge of the 93rd district court of Texas.”
Delgado pleaded not guilty and says that he will continue to fight the allegations that were made against him. He’s been in the position since January of 2001.
“Some people consider this announcement as some type of admission of culpability with respect to the pending charges.”
He adds that this decision was made in order to pull together limited family resources to fight the allegations made against him since he was suspended without pay.
“I must now devote my time and energy to assist my defense time. I thank the public for your support in electing me as your judge for so many years.”
Delgado awaits his trail set for September of this year before a federal district judge.