The Texas-Methodist healthcare ministries of south Texas announced a large investment in healthcare in the Rio Grande Valley, made possible by a federal grant.

The social innovation fund, better known as SIF. A White House initiative has awarded $10 million to invest in clinics and hospitals across south Texas.

Part of the money will go to support social innovation for a healthy south Texas project, also known as ‘Sí Texas.

“With that funding we’re looking to fund integrated behavioral health in primary care trough south Texas and what that means, these individuals who have diabetes, obesity and depression,” explains Rebecca Brune, vice president at “Methodist Healthcare Ministries”

With the goal of improving the health of thousands of low income patients, the objective of the “Sí Texas” project is to bring improvements in behavioral health and chronic diseases such as depression, diabetes, obesity and associated risk factors.

“Our goal and the goal of this grant is to work integrated have medical and behavioral health integrated for the community, for the patients. To be able to provide services for behavioral health as well as medical, physical health,” says Rebecca stoker, director of HOPE Family Health Center.

The first clinic to benefit from this program will be the hope clinic, located in the city of McAllen. The “Si Texas” project targets 12 counties in South Texas-including Cameron, Hidalgo and Starr.