According to McAllen police, 22-year-old David Garcia Jr from Rio Grande City was driving under the influence of alcohol and is now facing multiple charges. 

The incident was reported on Sunday, August 25th around 2:30 am on the intersection of 10th street and Hackberry ave.

Upon arrival, officers observed that a pickup truck collided with an SUV. 52-year-old Alma Patricia Rodriguez and her 2-year-old grandaughter Patricia Vargas were traveling in the SUV, both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Seven other passengers including the driver were transported to a local hospital in serious conditions.

Garcia was the driver of the pickup truck, he is now being charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter and seven counts of intoxication assault.

We spoke to community members who shared their thoughts on drinking and driving.

“It causes a lot of deaths in the U.S. that’s not a good idea you can get yourself into trouble DWI’s you can lose everything you can go to jail so I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“You can hurt somebody if you’re gonna drink stay home and stay off the wheel.”

“It’s not safe, its not really responsible I wouldn’t want to do it cause I don’t want to damage someones else’s life or be responsible for it.”  

“You can harm people and harm yourself, and you shouldn’t do it if you want to drink have a designated driver and if you think you can do it still don’t cause you can harm yourself and other people.” 

Garcia is behind bars at the Hidalgo County jail his bond is set at a total of 345,000 dollars for each count that he received.