RGV (KFXV) — Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan and a delegation from Washington toured our border.

By land, air and water, Paul Ryan and others got a first hand look at security operations.

This is Ryan’s first visit to the valley. The purpose – to get a first-hand look at border security operations.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan and a delegation of house lawmakers from southern states toured the Rio Grande Valley this morning and into the afternoon Ryan boarded a helicopter to tour the territory along the U.S.-mexico border – exploring options for increased security.

The delegation arrived at Mission’s Anzalduas Park where they continued their tour along the Rio Grande River.

Ryan’s trip comes as Donald Trump promise to reshape the U.S. Immigration System takes center stage in the new administration.

Larry Mainz, a winter Texan, says he opposes Trump’s plan to build a wall – suggesting other security methods.

Ryan will return to Washington with what he’s learned to make plans for border security and law enforcement measures.