Brownsville – Presidential candidate Julian Castro arrived at the gateway international bridge this morning to witness the living conditions of the hundreds of migrants awaiting asylum

Surrounded by dozens of people, Castro was able to meet Central American families, and learn first hand the struggles they’ve undergone.

During his tour, Castro got a glimpse of the Rio Grande, and left flowers in front of some crosses, paying his respects so those whose journey to the United Stated ended early. Castro says his main goal is to provide help to a group of migrants, most of them from the LGBTQ community. 

“They are all in danger, but we that belong to the LGBT community are a bit more threatened, they actually had us divided and would tell us that were we lived was only for lesbians.”

This group of 13 migrants will travel to these provisional courts where they are expected to wait for one or two days. 

Castro believes this group should not have to stay in Mexico for their asylum hearings. 

“They’ve been prosecuted in the past, they been subjected to violence because of that, they are suffering for the trauma we believe that qualifies as a mental health issue and that they should be exempt from MPP because of that”

According to Efren Olivares, the migrant protection protocol makes an exception to people with disabilities or a mental condition.

“It violates international law. It violates the obligation of the united states, to not return people to dangerous conditions.”

A few moments ago it was confirmed that these 13 individuals were sent back to Mexico.