SAN BENITO (KFXV) — New details emerge in the investigation against their police chief regarding the legality of his privately recorded conversations.
An investigation determines Police Chief Michael Galvan did not violate any law stemming from hundreds of privately recorded conversations.
According to San Benito Mayor Ben Gomez’ comment to the Brownsville Herald – an outside law enforcement agency cleared police chief Michael Galvan of any wrongdoings in connection to his privately recorded conversations. Galvan allegedly recorded nearly 500 conversations that were later downloaded from the police department’s computer system.
Commissioners launched the investigation in may after the files were downloaded from the system and leaked to the public. Galvan stated officers privately record their interactions to support their police cases. The majority of the recordings allegedly include police officer cases and citizen complaints.
Fox News is told, the city plans to issue a press release with detailed information from the investigation against Galvan.
We tried contacting city officials but they were not available to make a comment regarding this issue. Count on us to bring you the latest.