Special Report: Eyes Wide Open: Part Three

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Special Report: Eyes Wide Open: Part Three

Heavy patrol at the border has had some unintended consequences for resident and business communities along the Rio Grande, with some betting against public perception on border security. Here’s part three of “eyes wide open” a Fox 2 special report.

The South Texas wind blows a steady breeze at sunset in the Rio Grande. It’s a peaceful view in one of the most active areas for illegal smuggling in the country. Peaceful at least, for those who stroll through Anzalduas Park, where heavily armed agents blend in with the community.

For Francisco, authorities scare off the criminals, not the fish. That security perception is laying down a foundation of hope for some. Little by little the life the drug war and border violence paralyzed, is now gaining some traction.

Angel and his partner invested a several millions in reviving a space for entertainment and leisure along the river. Something they once enjoyed years ago, but now it’s about changing people’s minds on border security.

What was once called “Pepe’s on the River” is now “The River” a new reality for those who live north of the Rio Grande, where people are willing to enjoy themselves as law enforcement protects their surroundings. With 13 billion dollars being designated for border security, residents Francisco and Angel feel at ease… And don’t mind additional patrol. For them: the more agents keeping their eyes open, the better.

In an update to our interview with Angel Gonzalez, his new business “The River” opened successfully last week and says business is thriving.

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