Grassroots Support for President Trump? Do you agree with this man?

We had a very enthusiastic visitor to our studios today. Mr. Bill Hill showed up with some very clear messages on display all over the side of his truck.

There is no Retail Apocalypse

There is no Retail Apocalypse

News of the death of retail has been greatly exaggerated. Yes, many national chains are closing locations. But the facts tell the story not of a ‘retail apocalypse’ but rather of retail evolution.

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A Pragmatic proposal; Let’s Call A Truce

A Pragmatic proposal; Let’s Call A Truce

Submitted By: W Joel Gridley I would like to have a very uncomfortable, but honest and pragmatic discussion about two hot button issues; gun control and abortion. If you lean too far left OR right and are incapable of hearing the other sides' viewpoint, please stop...

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