Officials React to Abbott Signing SB4

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Texas (KFXV) — Reactions to this new law that is sparking controversy not just amongst pro-immigrant organizations but, police department around the state and locally.

The law– signed and broadcasted via Facebook– is giving local officials the power to act as immigration agents. But while the law is causing commotion, some believe it’s time laws are followed.

Immigration attorneys, expressing their disappointment at Governor Greg Abbott’s signing of Senate Bill four.

The law allows local agencies to work with I.C.E and gives them power to ask residents– who are detained– about their immigration status.

Not doing so, could lead to the removal of a police chief or sheriff and even be criminally charged, face a fine, and up to one year in prison if convicted.

The law – has civil rights groups and immigration experts concerned that officers won’t be trained correctly and may violate people’s rights.

Another concern is that the law may open the possibility to racial profiling.
Texas, is the first state to pass a law against sanctuary cities in the nation. Civil rights organizations are preparing to fight back – in court.

Officials React to Abbott Signing SB4

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