In San Benito, it’s been two months since an officer-involved shooting ended the life of 21-year-old Richard Treviño. The family along with community members say they are concerned because the officers have not been identified and some have allegedly returned to work.
According to the city’s attorney, these officers have not been identified because the case remains under investigation.
Rick Navarro is representing the city of San Benito in this case. He tells Fox News until the investigation is complete, the identity of the officers involved will be protected.
“The matter is currently under an internal investigation at the city, which is confidential by law and it is also being investigated by the Texas Rangers.”
The incident happened on December 7 around 3 pm. According to Treviño’s family, he was at a church event when his cousin called for medical assistance.
“He didn’t need medical attention from EMS or anything like that so he took off in his vehicle and then this is when the police were called and the police began to chase him.”
The Treviño family along with community members say they are concerned because some of the officers are allegedly back at work.
“They shot this little boy and killed him and it’s very alarming to know that they are back at work and not knowing what their names are these is why the community is very bothered with that.”
“First of all my concern is that the investigation has not been completed and they are already back on the job.”
“We want to know who they are and if they are getting paid. Are they at home? Have they been fired? We would like to know that.”
The city attorney tells us the officers are covered by a civil service law. That means they have certain rights that the city has to honor.
“Until there’s some kind of negative judgment or finding against them, they are presumed to be capable of working. The city cannot suspend them without pay or fired then or do anything until the investigation is complete.”
He adds that as long as the officers’ healthcare providers say they are fit for duty, then they will be allowed to return to work.
The Treviño family along with community members hope justice is served in the shooting death of Ricardo. According to officials, this case remains under investigation. Count on us to keep you informed on this case.