New Smoking Ordinance Raises Concerns Among Local Businesses

New Smoking Ordinance Raises Concerns Among Local Businesses

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DONNA (KFXV) — Business owners have about one hundred days to make arrangements for this newly passed smoke-free ordinance. Rosalinda Guajardo shared with us how this can impact her daily life.
Guajardo said, “I work in bars. I am a bartender. They pay my bills, my living.”

Rosalinda Guajardo spends most of her time working in local bars where she says, “smoking is one of the things prior that people like to do when they go to bars; they like to drink and smoke”

She says smoking inside bars is usually a must for every customer, “they come to relax to have a free time for themselves.”
In just four months smoking in indoor places will be prohibited with a fine of up to $2,000 for those who fail to abide.
Guajardo says she is aware her way of earning a living may soon be impacted.
“I need the money,” Guajardo added.

But hopes people can adapt since more and more cities are being part of the smoke-free ordinance like Weslaco, Alton, Mission and Edinburg.
“If they like and enjoy coming to bars they will just step out and smoke,” Guajardo continued.
If they do, the new ordinance states people must remain 120 feet away from any business while smoking.

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