Before, you had to personally go to the municipal court to pay a pending fine, but a new system will make processing payments more convenient for you.
With just three clicks, you will be able to pay a fine online. Today, the municipal court unveiled a new online payment system. With this new website, community members can make their payments online for citations or an existing payment plans. Municipal Court Judge Rosie Cuellar, tells us the only reason a payment won’t be processed online.
“It will not allow you to make a payment if there’s a warrant but it will clearly say that on the website it will say warrant status but it could mean an arrest warrant or a hold to your license.”
A 3 percent convenience fee will be added to every online transaction. Community members can also check if they have a pending case and can search by name, drivers license or citation number.
Officials explain to Fox News what other citations can be paid online.
“All types of City of Laredo citations, for example, if you have a citation for not upkeeping your lawn or build something and not getting the proper permit from the building services department.”
You can access the online payment system through the City of Laredo website, or the Municipal Court page. You can make an online payment any time and day of the week.