The negligence of an unidentified man..Resulted in a major accident that landed several people in critical condition.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Officers responded to the scene Sunday afternoon in Donna. Fox News was able to talk to witnesses who told us what they were able to see.

“I ran out to help and there were already two men trying to take out the people that were inside. They were breaking the windows.:”

Authorities say the suspect failed to yield at a red light. Passing the intersection incorrectly and ramming into another vehicle that had the three victims onboard including a minor.

“And then I saw the guy got off of the truck, he was using his phone he started walking that way and around the corner, he started running.”

The victims were transferred to the hospital and are in critical but stable condition.

DPS is still on the lookout for the suspect.

This incident still remains under investigation.