Mcallen ISD is now the second school district in the county to implement this program, this after La Joya ISD was the first in 2015. This program is intended to help students clear their record. McAllen ISD police officer in charge of the program Joey Buitron spoke to fox news about this new initiative.He also tells us that terroristic threats such as the ones recently made in schools will not be included in the program.Some of the offenses that do qualify are possession of marijuana, graffiti, and theft, they say this program will keep students away from the judicial system. This alternative lasts six weeks, if the course is passed they will continue to the second phase of the program placing them in a 90 day probation period, if they don’t commit any crimes during that time, their record will be erased. TheĀ  449th district court judge tells us how this will benefit at-risk students. Authorities hope this program will not only clear students records but also give them a chance for a better future.