Tonight marks one year since attorney Ernesto Gonzales was reported missing by his family members.

According to police, Gonzales was supposed to meet his sister at his office on the morning of July 17, 2017.
The attorney’s vehicle was parked outside the establishment on the 1600 block of F Street in Harlingen, but he never showed.
“It has been a very active and ongoing investigation over the past year. Following up on whether it may be through anonymous tips through crime stoppers or calls from family members, friends, whomever, just community.”
While there are no clear leads to Gonzales’ whereabouts, police say these types of reports are not uncommon. Such as when someone decides not to contact their family anymore. If law enforcement comes across that individual, they are told their family is looking for them.
“We get missing person cases quite often. Most of the time they’re found within a day or two, but we’ve seen cases throughout the history of our nation, through our state; sometimes people go missing for long periods of time and then they turn up. We hope that’s this case.”
Police are asking anyone with information on Gonzales’ whereabouts to call 425-8477.