The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of a man whose body was found north of the city, after being found by nearby residents.

At around 8 am, officials received a call from people on Dillion and Curve road regarding a body on the side of the road wrapped in a bed sheet.

“At this time we are not disturbing the covering. We are trying to preserve some of the trace evidence we are talking to a possible witness.”

Officials say the victim is a Hispanic male but the identity remains unknown.

“The deputy that arrived on scene opened it to confirm it was a human body and he opened the area where his face was located.”

Authorities are looking for evidence to trace back the death of this individual.

“We are looking for signs. We are looking for vehicle impression, we are looking for anything that could have possibly fallen out of the vehicle while the body was being placed there.”

The sheriff says the body looked like someone placed it gently in that area. Adding that this is the second body in four years that has been found at that same location.

According to deputies, this death is being investigated as a possible homicide, officials ask for anyone with information on this case to call Hidalgo County’s Sheriff’s Office at (956) 383-8114.