Locals React to Deportation of DACA Recipient

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McAllen (KFXV) — Immigration attorneys are asking DACA recipients to get informed about their rights and to decline signing any documents until they have the correct legal representation.

These warnings stem as a result of the deportation of 23-year-old Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez.  He was deported from California to Mexico in February– despite his DACA status remaining active until 2018.

“It’s really important to know your rights.  Know that you don’t have to sign anything.  Know that you don’t have to give them any documentation.  If you have an ID, then present your ID to them, but that’s as far as you need to go.” – Carlos Moctezuma Garcia

DACA advocate, Abraham Diaz– a Dreamer himself– says he fears what the future holds for others like him.

“We now have to be more careful with reckless driving and speeding because now we know that it will affect your record severely, even though it might be a minor infraction.” – Abraham Diaz

DACA recipients are supposed to get advanced parole before leaving the U.S.

“Immigration  officials do have the authority to detain and possibly remove them.  What we are asking for is due process.  We need a system that we believe in, a system of laws that individuals can partake in, and see an immigration judge.”   – Carlos Moctezuma Garcia

The Deferred Action Program benefits only those who have no convictions.

The [deportation] threats have been mentioned only for those who have a criminal background but those who don’t have a criminal background who are part of the DACA program are also under deportation threat” – Abraham Diaz

Experts encourage Dreamers who might be in the same situation to contact an immigration attorney.

Locals React to Deportation of DACA Recipient

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