Local Organizations React to Passing of SB4

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TEXAS (KFXV) — Local pro-immigrant organizations have responded to the passing of SB4.

La Union Del Pueblo Entero issued this statement today after the house passed the bill.
“SB4 violates Texas values and neighborliness and welcoming. It forces local police into the business of deportation and ties the hands of local leaders to determine the public safety priority of their own communities.”

L.U.P.E. goes on to say that “…It opens the door for racial profiling and will no doubt increase pretextual stops, resulting in detentions and deportations.”

L.U.P.E. also add that the bill is expected to be signed by the governor as soon as it reaches his desk, and that the public will challenge SB4, beginning with their first protest on May 1st as they demonstrate for “A Day Without An Immigrant.”

Local Organizations React to Passing of SB4

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  1. They cried racism, after stealing jobs from the most opressed group of Americans, blacks.

    They screamed poverty, as they stole American wages and sent it back home to their native land.

    They screamed fear, as they raped and murdered. As they smuggled people and drugs into our once great nation.

    And now here we stand. Knowing that if an American pulled the same crap they would be jailed, black mailed (fined), or worse.

    Understand… These people hate us. Nothing would stop them from killing us, directly or indirectly. Through murder, or the destruction of our country.

    The ones who harbor illegals should be jailed. They purposely have 5-10 kids to destroy us. We all know this is true. Do away with illegals and lawlessness. Destroy every single one of them who do not abide by the law. And the officials who become jailed for promoting the destruction of our country…… Inmates, have no mercy upon them.


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