Seven states including Texas filed a lawsuit with the purpose of putting an end to the DACA program.
“Our coalition is urging the U.S. District Court for the southern district of Texas to declare DACA unconstitutional and stop the federal government from issuing or renewing any DACA permits in the future.”
Paxton filed the lawsuit yesterday afternoon in Brownsville. States involved in tare Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and West Virginia.Paxton is requesting the government to stop issuing or renewing DACA permits in the future, clarifying that he is not asking to deport any dreamers.
Supporters of this program say the battle continues
“If in essence, they want to do away with DACA then we are going to have legislators from both the house and the Senate in how we are going to address this situation and how they are going to look at the eyes of all these dreamers and tell them that they aren’t welcome here.”
For others, this lawsuit was not a surprise, as Paxton had already said he would file a lawsuit if the DACA program continued.
Supporters say there is still hope this issue may still be resolved.
“Don’t lose hope, I think that 3-0 is a win-win situation right now. There’s an opportunity if you haven’t reapplied, we need to continue to keep pressing Congress and not give up the dream and keep fighting for the DACA permits.”

Today, Paxton filed a motion seeking a nationwide preliminary injunction against DACA, asking the federal government to stop issuing or renewing any permits while this lawsuit is ongoing.