After a video of an incident involving Laredo Police goes viral on Facebook, officials say the Office of Professional Standards is investigating.

In the video with about 30-thousand views, you can see where a man is allegedly forced down to the ground by Laredo Police, as others tell a man to get back inside his vehicle.

The incident happened at the 2500 block of Jacaman road. In a statement, chief of police Claudio Trevino says he understands the concerns that are being raised. He adds he strongly feels the video posted is not demonstrating an accurate account of actions taken by the people involved, or the totality of the circumstances the officers faced, due to the tense uncertainty and rapidly evolving nature of the incident.

Jaime Trevino was arrested in this incident. Authorities say a fight broke out inside a store. After police were able to control the situation, another fight broke outside in the McDonald’s parking lot. The report states Trevino was aggressive and ignoring the officer’s commands.