This morning, 38 officers graduated after receiving training in several topics. They say it was all done to help the community.
Since 1996 Sergeant Chris Baker has served the Laredo Police Department. Even with his 22 years of experience, he says he still faces obstacles in his line of work.
“Even though I think that the police department as a whole is a very professional organization including supervisors and officers sometimes, it’s nice to get this type of refresher course to remind the officers what we are really here for and that is to protect the public and serve the community in the most professional way possible.”
The training was provided in cooperation with the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool.
“The officers and sergeants who were in the class were able to receive instruction in leadership, ethics how to be involved in the community in a more possible manner.”
“These are the trainings on how to deal with people how to be supervisors its something that is forgotten but we do address it. Training is important here in the department and the mission and service is always part of the trainings.”
As part of the training, the graduates are encouraged to pass on what they learned to other officers in order to spread the department’s mission. Laredo police say these training exercises will result in more qualified police officers to serve the community.