With two major shootings reported in Florida and Texas this year, Governor Greg Abbott talked about school safety in a series of discussions, but officials in Laredo have their own suggestions.
“We need to have an increase of collaboration with several agencies in our area obviously mental health institutes need to become a little bit more involved with us. I know it’s a difficult thing the mental health issues but we need to address the collaboration of agencies coming together.”
Governor Abbott met with parents, teachers, students and legislators to discuss the topic of school safety, but at UISD, officials say they have the necessary safety measures in place.
“We have an armed police officer in every school, in the elementary school we have one and in the middle school and high schools we have more police officers. We have security guards at every school so we have the armed and unarmed police officers watching and taking care of the students, faculty and the parents.”
Garner added that the district is installing security stations at several campuses. In these stations, a visitor must be questioned by a security guard before entering the campus. There are two schools in Laredo where students must cross the street to get to school, these are VMT and Nixon high school, but LISD officials assure the students are safe.
“Nixon/VMT complex they do have to cross the street we do have multiple security guards and police officers there so there are safety protocols in place for crossing students and making sure they are visible there in moving students from one place to another.”
For the remainder of the school year, LISD is not allowing students to take backpacks to school since they are no longer necessary. Both school districts are informing the community that their students are safe but to report any suspicious activity to authorities.