Police say a text message from another man caused a suspect to go on a jealous rage. 

The incident was reported at the 2200 block of East Locust Street. At the scene, officers found two females and one male suspect who approached officers and told them he had a fight with his girlfriend but that everything was okay. 

“The officer approached the two females to confirm the male’s story. When one of the females identified as one of the victims stated that the male subject identified as Ricardo Medina Aquino, a 36-year-old, male took two kitchen knifes and threatened her.”

The victim said she received a text message and decided to leave the area to avoid an argument. However, Aquino grabbed her from the hair and forced her inside the residence

When police attempted to detain the 36-year-old, he stiffened his body and resisted arrest. 

“While the officer was actually attempting to detain the male subject, the male subject identified as Ricardo started yelling at the victim telling her to tell officers that everything was a lie that there were no knives and that she was lying.”

The victim did not sustain any injuries in this case. 

Aquino remains behind bars at the Webb County Jail and faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.